Since purchasing our CNC router, it has certained opened up a new dimension in construction for us.  We have used the router to machine fiberglass molds for aircraft, automotive, and even large model racing yachts! However its main use is cutting out aircraft parts from plywood, aluminium, or fibreglass raw stock.

As we all know, the router is only as good as the model design and the CAM coding it feeds off.  Because of this, we work with three CAD and CAM programmes to achieve the best results.


Our router has a 1250 x 2500 x 600mm working space and weighs in at over 1600kg - this gives it good rigidity.  We can work with any wood, fibreglass, tooling foam or soft metal material.


If you have a project but don’t have the means to design in 3D or manufacture the prototype, then please get in touch with us.

We can help your project move forward from a paper concept, to a working prototype and into production.


With our router having 600mm of Z travel, it makes it especially useful for mold making.  Molds can be constructed from many products - custom wood, foam, aluminium etc. And to make a cost effective one-off mold, we have found that high density foam coated with a fiberglass shell works best. 

The process involves machining the high density foam (4mm undersized first), coating the foam form in brush on epoxy, layering on glass matting and epoxy, allowing it to harden for 24 hours and then recut with the router to the finished level.  This is a fast way to test a design for form and fit.


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