AVserv offers our customers a comprehensive range of services which is needed to construct, certify, and test fly an aircraft successfully. 

We have a small team who are highly-qualified in their fields of expertise and are passionate about working on aircraft. A large proportion of work is completed onsite, with only specialised work outsourced. 

We have an open-door policy where we encourage the customer to be part of the build and to visit regularly to see progress. Most seem to enjoy the opportunity to gain an understanding of what is required to construct their aircraft.

AVserv, the company, has been evolving since 1992. However it probably all started even before that for Malcolm, in that it was more like 1968 when he was given his first model aircraft engine - a .75cc DC Merlin. 

Following close behind was his first free flight aircraft, a Hummingbird. And from that day on, Malcolm knew he wanted to fly. 

Throughout his working career, it has been a series of stepping stones of both accomplishments and experiences that has enabled him to build the right knowledge base and get to where he is today.

  • Model aircraft building and competing in model aero club competitions taught Malcolm all about aerodynamics. 
  • Farming was not just about stock, it was where he learnt about weather patterns. 
  • RNZAC (Armed Forces) was discipline, navigation and radio/satellite. 
  • Owning civil engineering and agricultural consultancy companies - along with co-founding a ISP (internet service provider) and software development company - was all about plant and personnel management, plant repairs and maintenance schedules, as well as all facets of satellite and WiFi communications and understanding data protocols.

1980's - 1999

Malcolm started Performance Engineering. From this platform he designed and built off-road 4x4 racers for his customers, as well as raced his own vehicle in the 80’s and early 90’s. This was as a sideliner to his full-time job with Wagner NZ, designing and installing industrial painting systems.

2000 - 2005

Malcolm learned to fly in a Cessna 172 at the Waikato Aero Club and by 2002 he was a fully licenced pilot. He also gained a multi-engine rating in the Club’s Piper Twin Comanche as a very low time and fairly new PPL. 

In 2005 he and his wife purchased a Piper Cherokee PA28-140 ZK-DGQ, and it was this year he also had an opportunity to give tail dragging a go - which is where his interest in Cubs and tail draggers began. 

The concept of Classic Aviation Designs Limited was conceived in 2004, and the company was finally incorporated on 31st January 2012. Originally the idea was to reintroduce affordable aviation at grassroot levels to new and experienced builders of aircraft.

2006 - 2010

Classic Aviation Design’s original inspiration behind designing their Adventurer CA18 series was to attract a new generation of aviators to sport flying and aviation related careers.  

With an understanding that the next generation needed to be engaged at an early age to foster this interest, Malcolm was very keen to have the project incorporated into the education sector at a High School level. This would give students an opportunity to learn broadly based manual skills along with technology (STEM). It wasn’t an entirely new idea, however combining it with an aviation theme was, and it was well received by the school education sector.

2011 - 2015

With the assistance of Sid Siddiqi and two other ex-Nasa aeronautical engineers and retiree’s, CADL was able to present their concept of the Clubflyer Education Programme (CEP) at the 2011 and 2012 Oshkosh Trade Show in Wisconsin, USA. 

The concept was universally agreed to by all who attended the talks, or from those spoken to privately at the event, that the programme had good merit to help revitalise the aging issues of aviation - not only in the United States - but worldwide.

From the initial vision, it was identified that private builders would also be interested in building the aircraft. CADL revised its initial education project to also incorporate a private builders programme.

2016 - 2020

Due to the complexity of incorporating aircraft ownership and work safe strategies into schools existing structures consuming more time than the building of the aircraft, the programme was not progressing as quickly as Malcolm would have liked, so unfortunately it was withdrawn after the first aircraft was built in a Northland school. 

At that time a new direction was needed, because as hard as it was to say goodbye to the education programme, it was a necessary decision. And the upside was that it now freed up time to design new aircraft and focus on supporting builders along with purchasing and completing aircraft ready for resale.

2021 +

AVserv as a company has been an evolving one, but now we have formed a plan to carry us forward for the next five to 10 years. 

This is to assist owners with completing their projects, the building and re-selling of Vans RV 6, 7 and 8 aircraft, designing and building competition STOL aircraft, and the development of a STOL aircraft competition franchise.

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