Aviation services for light aircraft & support for flying enthusiasts

AVserv is an evolution of Classic Aviation Designs Ltd. Our new direction has taken us away from simply building wood constructed CA18 Cubs to offering full builder support and maintenance to Amateur and Part 103 owners. We also provide avionics/electrical servicing and designing and manufacturing of parts. 

Tail Draggers Rule

AVserv is fortunate to be associated with some very experienced taildragger pilots. During their many years of flying into backcountry areas and teaching new pilots how to fly taildraggers, these pilots did most of their training in the USA, and have built up a valuable knowledge base that we are able to share.

Learn to Fly

Learning to fly? Maybe you need a type-rating or would simply like someone to fly with you to make it more relaxing while you grow your flight hours. Master new skills and gain tips from a qualified pilot, with their accompaniment able to be as hands-on, or off, as you’d need. 

Previous Projects

Light aircraft parts for sale

Aircraft & Parts for Sale

Here’s where our customers list their projects or completed aircraft for sale. We also sell parts, components and consumables to help maintain or build your project.


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