Servicing is an important part of keeping your aircraft airworthy, along with ensuring it has a long life.
As an aircraft owner, you have scheduled servicing and maintenance to perform - mostly on a yearly basis. 

For example 50/100 hr services and annual validations. At AVserv, we assist with the care and maintenance required to keep your aircraft airworthy, as well as providing both LAME and Part 103 services.


All aircrafts require logbooks to operate in New Zealand – yes, even microlights.  These books (normally three but sometimes four) must be updated anytime work is carried out on the aircraft.  AVserv offers a ‘Logbook Admin Service’ where we update and maintain the books to NZ CAA standards.


A maintenance controller investigates and informs your service provider of all the checks and worksheets needed to perform the applicable servicing requirements. 

If you own an amateur built aircraft, this person must be registered with NZ CAA.  For Part 103, this is normally with the organisation you belong to. We offer this service to our customers if they are carrying out their own maintenance and servicing.


If your project is destined for the amateur built category, then you will need to present flight and maintenance manuals to the NZ CAA either before, or at the time of inspection.

These manuals have prescribed information regarding your aircrafts flight envelope and servicing requirements, and are presented in a standard format. We can design these from scratch or you can use one of our existing manuals.


We are an approved issuer of Part 103 On Condition programme. The programmes are lifed at 100 hrs or annually, whichever comes first


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