Here at Avserv, it’s safe to say we really like constructing aircraft.  Our workshop and assembly hanger are specifically set up to allow for a scratch build from raw stock materials, or an ‘assemble your aircraft’ kit. We can also provide a ‘start to completion’ service. 

This includes all the legal stuff too -  for example, raising logbooks and all the relevant entries required by NZ CAA, generating manuals and having the aircraft certified by the NZ CAA.

We not only build new aircraft, but we enjoy restoring old ones too - back to better than new condition.


Through our builds and repairs over the years we have gained a lot of experience working with fabric.  We use Supaflite products which have proven long life characteristics.


Our workshop is tooled to work with tubular framed structures or stressed skin designs.  We are fortunate to have a very experienced skin and tube person who has worked on most types of aircraft over his 40 year career as a LAME (Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer).


Don’t dismiss the ease, functionality or strength of wood when considering your project.  It is the world’s first ever naturally made composite!  We suggest checking out some of our photos of wood framed projects. It has plenty of positives (and just a few downsides).


With the range of new products available to designers and constructors to build aircraft, it can cloud decision- making when it comes to choosing what to use for your new project.  

It’s worth noting that fibreglass is a very broad title that can cover many grades and types. (We loosely use the word ‘new’ as it has been around for a number of years now). But it is an evolving product and must be considered for the numerous benefits it brings to the table.  

We are fortunate to have a very experienced glass technician on our team.


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